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Search Engine Optimization

Use these quality analysis tools to improve your websites visibility.

How improve your position within the search engine world. The good amount of copy needs to be a certain amount with quality keywords related to the business type you run. The variation of keyword terminology is important and the position within the paragraphs of text adds more prominence to the category of trade you are trying to get across. Search engines look at all aspects of where the wordings are placed within the page and how it describes the web page a user is looking at.

The typical amount of word to be used within a web page is about 300 words and may summarise the whole business model or parts of the company but you must keep to a good quality, well descriptive policy in search engine terms. Keeping the density of keywords within the copy is also important as it gives a great deal of emphasis on the topic.

The amount of links that are within the copy and where they go are very important as it will help the user find the information they require. Careful placement of keywords with descriptive copy allows the user to understand what is coming next.

Good analysis of copy, tweaking content to suit and testing using analytics and other SEO tools is a must to produce the outcome you desire. Setting up A/B testing and hot spot observations can help you to adjust your content to suit the users. Focus group testing will assist in the understanding if the user can use your website without too much effort.

The use of meta for validation is important, meta description is a must but meta keywords have falling down the list. The speed of the web content to deliver it too all devices is essential these days, quick loading graphics (PNG, JPG, GIF, SVG), JavaScript and style sheets (CSS) make for a better user experience.